David Wenham | actor | Schauspieler | #Faramir | portrait | photo by Klemens Horvath

David Wenham is one of Australia’s most popular international actors. He got a lot of attention for his interpretation of Prince Faramir in „The Lord of the Rings“ - that handsome fellow with long curled hair. By the way: he hated to wear those annoying hair extensions! We had a great time hanging out… and we had lots of fun at our photo shoots together. David is an incredibly humorous guy and, as we put it in Vienna, „a urleiwanda Typ“. Later we met again in Vienna and he was thrilled by the sugar free pastries at Demel, the tofu sandwiches at the restaurant Schwarzes Kameel… and the virgin cocktails at the Loos Bar. Cu next time buddy, hope you’ll visit again soon!

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