Markus Hering | actor | Schauspieler | portrait | photo by Klemens Horvath

Markus Hering is a great actor in Vienna and a member of the ensemble at Burgtheater. I had only seen him acting funny roles in the theater and on screen. Therefore his request of a portrait as a bad, criminal guy was a quite a challenge for me. I remembered the scene with Javier Bardem in the film „No Country of Old Men“. Bardem doesn’t really look dangerous, especially with his funny hair style. It was more the way of looking at somebody that I found suitable for Markus. So that was how I got him to make a dark impression. Or as John Travolta describes it to Danny de Vito in the film „Get Shorty“:  „You have to look through the person to look dangerous“. I like the portrait: the implied axe is like the captive bolt pistol in the hand of Anton Chigurh aka Javier Bardem.

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