Birgit Minichmayr | actress | Schauspielerin | portrait | photo by Klemens Horvath

The portrait of Birgit Minichmayr was shot on behalf of the Burgtheater for a book about the new stars of the famous theater in Vienna. The idea is to show the actors behind the scenes. There are other portraits of more actors from the same series: Philipp Hochmair, Dorothee Hartinger, Nicholas Ofczarek, Philipp Hauss. The portrait of Birgit Minichmayr was inspired by a wonderful picture of Jean Loop Sieff, a woman standing on a tree branch. Long story: we arranged a photoshooting at the Arsenal in Vienna which is the rehaersal stage of the Burgtheater. There I found the incredible wonderful and yet unfinished stage of the Play „Weibsteufel“ (Karl Schönherr).  I admired the setting with the concrete wall behind it and the neon lights and the construction of the huge tree trunks as a contrast to Birgit’s very fragile appearence on top of it. The result is like the picture of Jean Loop Sieff. Thank you so much Birgit.

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