Johanna Wokalek | actress | Schauspielerin | portrait | photo by Klemens Horvath

Johanna Wokalek is a great actress born in Germany. As a long-time member of the ensemble of Burgtheater in Vienna she played great main roles and is very popular amongst theater lovers. She is also the celebrated star in films like „The Pope Joan“ as the Pope Joan and „Baader Meinhof Komplex“ in the role of Gudrun Enslin. This movie were even nominated for The Oscars. Some of you will remember her from the romantic movie „Barfuss“ with Til Schweiger or the exeptional movie „Hierankl“ with Peter Simonicek or from the classic film series „Die Kirschenkönigin“. I got to know Johanna as a very young woman - she just started at Max Rainhardt Seminar. Later I got a photo job from an agency to portray a young successful actress for a home story… What a coincidence: it was her. I remember after our first shooting I  promised her a photo shooting as a birthday present. So our working relationship went on and on. We had something in common. Thanks to her I started portraying people on a higher level. Before I met her I was specialized in architectural work with people on the set and then it chanced to portraits on location. I was jealous that she flew to Berlin to have a photographer taking portraits of her there so I trained to improve my portrait skills. And yes, there are now a lot of portraits of Johanna in my portfolio. She was my inspiration, my portrait icon for many years. And I loved to accompany her in so many places. We were a very fine working team and shared a great time. Looking forward to our next photo shooting.

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